Sim101: The Basics




This self-paced 4 hour Continuing Education (CE) course provides participants with the foundation needed to understand the basic components of Medical Simulation and its importance in medical training. This course breaks down simulation into short modules, covering each facet of medical simulation and its effectiveness in medical training and help learners navigate through the complex myriad of equipment and technology sometimes creating a barrier to understanding the concepts of simulation.

The course is self-paced with eight 10-15-minute modules and a five-question knowledge check. Included in the training:

  • History and Terminology
  • Accreditation and Standards of Best Practice
  • Equipment and Technology
  • Technology and Realism
  • Prebriefing
  • Simulation- The experience
  • Debriefing
  • Operations, training and evaluating

In addition to these eight modules, participants will have the opportunity to hear and learn from recognized simulationists around the country, including: Dr. Penni Watts, Dr. Beth Mancini, Kristyn Gadlage, Andrew Spain, Amy Cowperthwait, Dr. Paul Phrampus, Dawn Swiderski, Lance Baily and Dr. Kim Leighton. Each of these speakers provide firsthand real experience in their respected subject matter expertise.

This course is designed for anyone new or experienced in simulation and the learner will not only come away with four CE’s for completing the training, but a greater understanding of the “magic” of learning using simulation.

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