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Gateway Refund Policy

Refund: The goal of Gateway Education is that every student will succeed; however, there are occasions when a student struggles and very rarely does not pass the course they enrolled in. Our position is that if a student has viewed all lectures in their entirety, committed the time and effort to navigate the required curriculum, completed and submitted all assignments, taken all quizzes and exams and participated in all discussion forums, has done all work required for that course and does not pass, that student will receive a full refund for that course or will not be charged if there is a balance due. This is not a pro-rated refund; it is a full refund based on the criteria above and is verified immediately upon course completion. Following enrollment, the student has a three-day drop period during which they may cancel the enrollment and receive a refund of all monies paid for that enrollment.

Our online course program provides an opportunity for anyone interested in completing college/university courses needed for graduation to do so with flexibility and affordability rarely available in higher education.

Q: What are the benefits of completing my courses utilizing Gateway Education?

A: Gateway Education provides a unique online course completion model that provides the convenience of online education with the structure and support typically found only in campus-based programs. Courses completed with Gateway are significantly more affordable than if completed on campus and all Gateway students are eligible for tuition savings when transferred to most Gateway university partners.

Q: What exactly is Gateway Education?

A: Gateway provides an affordable and accelerated option for the completion of university courses. A student may complete one or a number of university courses 100% online with Gateway. Following completion of Gateway courses, the student will receive a transcript for credit transfers.

Q: Is Gateway Education a School:

A: No, Gateway is not a school. Gateway is a provider of online courses accepted by nearly 2,000.  American colleges and universities. All Gateway courses are recognized by ACE (American Council on Education). Gateway will align students with one of its regionally accredited university partners that will accept general education and general elective credits earned through Gateway and apply those credits toward the degree program of choice. A student may complete a year or more of general education credits with Gateway Education prior to university enrollment.  

Q: What does it cost to complete courses with Gateway?

A:  Utilizing Gateway to complete your general education and general electives could save you up to $20,000 on your degree. Purchase unlimited courses through Gateway for $790 per course. While Gateway courses have a structure not found in many online programs; you determine the pace at which you complete your program.

Purpose:  The purpose of the Enrollment is to allow the online STUDENT the flexibility to complete college level courses, with the COMPANY, over a period of time, applicable to STUDENTS specific personal and academic goals.

Structure: The Enrollment commitment made by the PARTIES, one to the other, whereby the COMPANY will provide online access to certain course materials purchased by the STUDENT will be provided to the STUDENT by the COMPANY following a completed purchase of a course. An automatic debit to the STUDENT’S account will be scheduled at the point of sale (checkout) and will be withdrawn within three (3) business days of date of purchase.

Pricing:  The STUDENT upon enrollment may select any number of courses with unlimited time to complete. The cost of each course is $790.00 USD.

The following “Cancellation Policy” applies to students that Enroll by purchasing a course from Gateway Education; hereinafter STUDENTS with Gateway Education and/or Distance Learning Systems Indiana, Inc.; hereinafter, the COMPANY, collectively the PARTIES.

Cancellation: The COMPANY will provide open access to STUDENTS purchased courses until the course is completed, or until a period of one year has passed, whichever occurs first.  The student has three (3) business days, from the time of purchase to cancel. Otherwise, there is no additional opportunity to cancel the purchase.

Class Drop: A STUDENT may drop a class that was purchased within 3 (three) business days from the purchase date for a full refund, or to cancel a financial arrangement associated with the purchase of that class.

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