Microbiology Lab



College Credits: 1

This stand-alone lab course can be used alongside a Microbiology lecture. This lab course initiates the application of Microbiology by having students complete at-home laboratory experiments, guided by online exploration activities, exercises, and evaluations. Microbiology is a lab course intended for students interested in learning about the microbial world and how the microbial world influences human actions and interactions. Specific topics covered include Laboratory Safety, Using a Virtual Microscope, Microbiology Laboratory Preparation, Microscopy for Microbiology – Use and Function, Aseptic Technique and Culturing Microbes, Bacterial Morphology and Staining Techniques, Bacterial Identification through Selective and Differential Media, Hand Washing and Normal Flora, Bacterial Enumeration- Dilutions and Plate Counts, Environmental Influences on Microbial Growth – Salt Tolerance and pH Testing, Biochemical Testing for Microbial Identification – Methyl Red, Voges-Proskauer, and Catalase Testing, Antiseptics and Disinfectants, and Food Safety.

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