American Government



College Credits: 3 

This course covers American Government, both past and present. Many Americans, when asked, “Why study and understand our government?” respond that it is uninteresting. Yet our political system is a stimulating subject. People fight and die for political principles. Our government addresses the most foundational aspects in your life – your personal safety, the purity of your food, your education, and your ability to voice your opinion. Understanding our government without relating its concepts to our contemporary world does make government challenging to comprehend. We take democracy for granted, yet it has taken generations for it to mature. While most of us realize that government is compulsory, people have asked elementary questions about the institution of government for centuries. What is the correct function of government? Why or where did diverse forms of government originate? What is the paramount form of a nation’s government to serve its citizens? Why are some governments legitimate and others illegitimate? Perhaps the next time you are in line waiting to vote, take time for contemplation. Why am I voting? Not all peoples have had, or have, the right to vote. Is government really essential? How does government influence my life? 

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