All the reasons you home-school your children also apply to university education.


Most students will begin online college courses while completing the last 2 years of high school. Complete unlimited college courses for a 1-time fee of only $55 per course, and a $95 monthly subscription. Start college as a junior upon high school graduation. Cancel anytime within 7 days of subscription renewal..

High Value-Low Tuition College Option for Homeschoolers

Gateway Education and its university partners have agreed upon Gateway courses that are guaranteed to apply to your degree requirement. Complete these courses 100% online, at home and at a fraction of the cost of the same course on campus. WHY PAY MORE!

Flexible and Affordable Online Course Completion Applies to Accredited Degrees

Gateway Education provides a guaranteed pathway to affordable, accredited education. You have choices at Gateway Education. Choose from over 35 nationally recognized universities and from over 500 online degree programs!

Every Gateway Education course is ACE Credit recommended. For more than a century, colleges and universities nationwide have trusted ACE CREDIT for course completion. When you complete general education courses with Gateway, you will receive an ACE transcript. The average student may save up to $15,000 with Gateway courses and most Gateway university partners will also offer our students significant tuition savings through graduation.

Gateway Education saves families time and money while providing a safe, affordable option for a high-profile education with exceptional flexibility.

Gateway Education is an approved provider of general education courses (1st & 2nd year) approved by our partner universities for transfer that will apply to the degree of your choice. Over 2,000 colleges nationwide also recognize ACE Credit based on their ACE transfer policies. In addition to offering courses recommended for credit by the American Council on Education (ACE), Gateway Education is also ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities) accredited and maintains premier status. 

Pick your school, select your classes and start accumulating credits. It’s really that easy.


A complete online 3 credit hour course with Gateway Education costs just $95 per month subscription plus a one-time cost of $55 per course and includes e-books.

All Gateway Education courses are accelerated and delivered 100% online to provide total flexibility. The average time to complete a Gateway Education course is 8 weeks, which is typically about half the time required to complete the same course on campus.

The easy answer is, that’s up to you. By completing your general education and general elective courses with Gateway, and your core courses with a Gateway Education partner, you might expect to complete a bachelor’s degree in about 3 years, sooner if you already have transferable college credit.

Yes. Gateway Education works with regionally or nationally accredited institutions. Accreditation is extremely important, and you can rest assured your academic credential will be highly valued at graduation.

All Gateway Education courses are ACE (American Council on Education) recommended and have been pre-approved for transfer by each of our university partners. Hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide accept ACE credits.

Gateway Education is a very unique entity that works closely with students, schools and employers to enhance the delivery of post-secondary education. This is done by providing very affordably priced, accelerated online general education courses that accelerate graduation while reducing the total cost of higher ed.

Gateway Education is not a school; however, Gateway partners with many large prestigious colleges and universities throughout the nation to help students save tuition while accelerating completion of courses.

Most required 1st and 2nd year courses are general education and general elective courses. Gateway Education provides these courses for about half the cost of a traditional school and you can complete these courses in about half the time. This expedites graduation while saving you money.

Many, if not most employers provide some form of educational assistance. The result of ongoing academic training benefits your employer in a number of ways. Initially, this is a valued benefit when recruiting new talent. Ongoing academic training also results in a happier and more committed and productive team member. It is also important to understand that education benefits cost money, so when your employer provides courses through Gateway Education, they will provide you with exceptional education at a much lower price per credit hour to improve employer’s ROI.

Our courses are developed by subject matter experts. Course development is done by professors with university experience. Our courses are available 24/7 online and you can communicate with your instructor online at any time during the course. All courses provided by Gateway Education are accelerated, affordable and recommended by ACE (American Council on Education). Our students tell us that they appreciate the flexibility and convenience they provide.

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